The key to talent is good energy. Good energy is infectious, it is passion, light, dark, balance and movement. Through abstraction the viewer can feel the artists energy at that very moment. Movement is the key to life. Balance cannot be forced. Art has the ability to speak with no words, and take us to places we only pray exist. I hope that you find yourself journeying through places while viewing my art, and you rediscover your own passion.
2004 Buzbee Studio, Carmel California 2005 Carmel Framing Studio, Carmel California 2007 to Present Bliss Salon, Aptos California 2012 March 4th Creative Expression Sunday Art Series Featuring Ben Rush Interactive Workshop- Conscious Creation - Expressive Art Therapy held at The School of Transpersonal Psychiatry, Palo Alto California 2014 to Present Armitage Tasting Room, Aptos California 2014 Cava Wine Bar, Capitola California 2015 Ben Rush Art Exhibit "Party!" Armitage Wines, Aptos California 2015 to Presentt Aptos Medical Aesthetic's, Aptos California 2015 to Present Golden Chiropractic, Aptos California 2015 Eternal Beauty Skin and Beauty, Cupertino California 2016 Capitola Art and Wine 2017 Santa Cruz Art Walk Faust Salon 2017 La Jolla Ca Art Show 2018 Regale Winery & Vineyards 2019 Sunset Center Carmel 2019 Pasatiempo Art show 2019 Demetro Galeria in Puerto Vallarta 169 Lazaro Cardenas, PV